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What is the Sons of Anarchy cast, and where have you seen them?

The action-crime genre has never been the same since Sons of Anarchy. Most of all, the Sons of Anarchy actors were missed. The television show, which ran from 2008 to 2014, is about an illegal motorcycle club with its headquarters located in the fictional Central Valley city of Charming. Jax Teller, the close-knit club's President and former vice president, is at the helm of this tight-knit group. 

Jax faces a series of internal problems after reading a manifesto written by his father, a former leader of the organization. He is most affected by the conflicts with other members of the group. You can expect a strong sense of camaraderie and affection among motorcycle club members.

FX, an American cable network, hosted Sons of Anarchy's premiere. The cable network briefly acknowledged the series as the most popular program. It competed with Nip/Tuck and The Shield. Many people do not belong to a powerful motorcycle club; one often conflicts with the law. You may also be surprised by how much of the show you can relate to.

Sons of Anarchy is known for its cast and story emphasizing essential subjects such as militancy and racism. We can watch the characters adapt to these challenges, make decisions, and deal with the consequences. The show was authenticated by an absolute Hells Angels who served as a technical advisor. The show has a variety of characters, all played by some incredible actors. This is the complete list of Sons of Anarchy's cast.

Charlie Hunnam in Jackson "Jax" Teller

Sons of Anarchy's main character is Jax Teller. He works to determine the legality of club actions. Charlie Hunnam was nominated twice for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Jax. Hunnam played Nicholas Nickelby and Nathan Maloney in Queer As Folk before he appeared on Sons of Anarchy. The actor has since starred in several movies, including The Gentlemen and Last Looks. He will soon be releasing Rebel Moon.

Katey Sagal in Gemma Teller Morrow

Katey Sagal's experience in television is extensive. From her most famous role as Peggy on Married... with Children to her role as Cate Hennessy in 8 Simple Rules. Sagal began her career as an actress in Sons of Anarchy, playing Jax Teller’s unpredictable mother who would do anything to protect her family. She has been in many TV shows over the years. Her most notable role was as Turanga on Futurama. Sagal continued her work on television shows such as Superior Donuts and The Conners after Sons of Anarchy finished.

Maggie Siff, in the role of Dr. Tara Knowles,

Tara Knowles was Siff's love for Jax. The couple went through ups and downs during the series before they married and welcomed their son, Thomas. The New Yorker then played Rachel Katz in Mad Men and acted as a character in the films A Woman, a Part, The Sweet Life, The Short History of the Long Road, and The Short History of the Long Road.

She has been playing Wendy Rhoades in the TV series Billions since 2016. 2016, she worked as executive producer on A Woman, a Part. In 2019, she produced the movie Human Terrain. The former Bryn Mawr College student married Paul Ratliff in 2012. Lucy, their daughter, was born in 2014.

Mark Boone Junior, Robert "Bobby Elvis Munson"

Mark Boone Junior is among the most well-known faces in the Sons of Anarchy show. He has appeared in many big-budget films before joining the cast. These include Memento and Batman Begins. Junior plays Bobby Munson, the former secretary and vice-president of SAMCRO, who is known for his calm and rational approach to solving conflicts. Junior has appeared in many movies and television shows since his time on the show. Most recently, he was seen in Paradise City and an episode of The Mandalorian.

Kim Coates as Alexander "Tig Trager"

Kim Coates plays Tig, a sergeant in the MC who worked tirelessly to assist Clay with his orders. His performance was nominated as a PAAFTJ Television Award nominee for Best Casting in a Drama Series. Coates has appeared in many movies and television shows since his stint on Sons of Anarchy. 

He won the Canadian Screen Award in 2006 for Best Actor for a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for his portrayal of Declan Gardiner in Blue Blood. Coates' most recent films include Fantasy Island, See for Me and Donkeyhead. She played a significant role in the TV series Van Helsing.

Tommy Flanagan in the role of Filip "Chibs Telford"

Tommy Flanagan plays Chibs Telford, one of the most loved characters in Sons of Anarchy. He is a loyal member of the MC but always tries to maintain some morality. Flanagan's acting career began in 1995 with the release of Braveheart.

His career accelerated after Sons of Anarchy ended in 2014. He then appeared in Gladiator and other movies. Since Sons of Anarchy ended in 2014, Flanagan has seen his career accelerate. He has appeared in several films, including Code Name Banshee and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Flanagan has seen his TV career flourish with appearances on Wu Assassins, Power Book IV: Force and other shows.

Ron Perlman in Clarence "Clay Morrow"

Ron Perlman had a long and impressive filmography before joining Sons of Anarchy. Perlman's impressive filmography helped him to land the role of Clay Morrow. He is one of the SAMCRO "First 9", whose power-hungry desire overrides everything else. Perlman has starred in movies like Quest for Fire and Beauty and the Beast from the 1980s and in more recent roles such as Pacific Rim. Perlman has been busy recently, with nine films released in the past two years. Several more are in post-production.

Ryan Hurst in Harry "Opie " Winston

Ryan Hurst portrays the beloved Opie, Jax's closest friend and loyal member of MC. Hurst's previous roles in We Were Soldiers, Taken, and Sons of Anarchy gave him the credibility he needed to land the role of Sons of Anarchy. Hurst's most recent TV roles include Beta in The Walking Dead and Milligan in The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Theo Rossi as Juan Carlos "Juice Ortiz"

Rossi played Juan Carlos "Juice Ortiz. He was a hacker for SAMCRO. He eventually had a breakdown and was expelled. Since then, this New Yorker has appeared in films like Lowriders and Vault. He also starred in Ghosts of War.

After two seasons on Luke Cage, he played Hernan Alvarez (aka "Shades") before he was cast as Gene in True Story. In addition to producing and directing the 2016 short film Bad Hurt, Rossi created the movie #RightToBeMe.

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