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Meet Louis Barker, Riley Gaines' Husband!

Riley Gaines is an American swimmer who hails from Gallatin, Tennessee. She was a member of the University of Kentucky NCAA swimming team. She won the 2022 Southeastern Conference Woman's Swimming and Diving Academic-Athlete Of The Year titles. Gaines was a student at Station Camp High School, located in Gallatin.

Gaines is from a sports-loving family, as her parents are involved in sports. Her father, Brad Gaines, played football at Vanderbilt University, and her mother, Telisha Gaines, played softball at Donelson Christian Academy, Austin Peay and Donelson Christian Academy.

In this article, we will discuss Riley Gaines and her husband. She was rumoured to be gay, but Louis Barker has been her husband for a year. Continue reading to learn more about Riley Gaines' Husband.

Riley Gaines's Husband, Louis Barker

Riley Gaines is married to Louis Barker, who owns the LCB pool. Riley and Louis Barker were married on May 29, 2022. Barker is a project manager for Chandler and Son. He joined the company in November 2021.

He is the child of Aidan Barker and Julie Barker. He was raised in Crawley with his brother Marcus. He completed high school at Millfield School in England with a management major. In 2018, he enrolled at the University of Kentucky. In 2022, he graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration.

Riley Gaines & Louis Barker got married in 2012

Riley Gaines, Louis Barker and their two-month engagement ended on May 29, 2022. Gaines wore a white beaded halter mini dress with a same-colour heel and veiled. The groom wore navy blue pants, a brown belt, and a chalky white shirt.

McKenzie Gregory photographed their wedding. They invited close friends. She posted pictures on Instagram of the big day after they had finished. It was then that her fans learned about her wedding.

The caption was "Lucky Me. I am so grateful for your love and support. You are a great person, and you make me better every day. I've got myself a British Country Boy, brb living every girl's dream."

After a year together, they began dating early in 2019. Riley Gaines shared a photo with her boyfriend on Instagram on February 3, 2019. They love to go on vacations.

In 2018, they first met in college. He enrolled at the university to study management and business administration. He proposed to Gaines after dating her for more than three years.

Is Riley Gaines Gay?

Rumours have circulated that Riley Gaines was gay. Riley Gaines is considered gay by many sports fans. It is confirmed that the talented athlete is not gay. She said that she was straight and was not attracted to same-sex relationships. She is married to Louis Barker, who is a swimmer.

Who has Riley Gaines dated before meeting the love of her life?

Riley Gaines is now happily married to Louise Barker, but the talented swimmer dated Cole Spears before she met her husband. Riley Gaines was with Cole Spears between February 17, 2014, and 2017. The couple dated for almost four years, but the relationship ended when they realized that things did not work between them.

There's a saying that says, "All's well when it ends well." Fans are delighted to see Riley Gaines and her husband Louis Barker's love story over the years.

Riley Gaines Children and Louis Barker

Riley Gaines is an American swimmer who hails from Gallatin, Tennessee. She married Louis Barker on May 29, 2022. They don't yet have any children.

Fans are waiting to hear good news, but it has been a short time since the couple married. The couple has been married for only one year. Sooner or later, we will get the good news, but they have not discussed any family plans. They have every right to keep things private.

We advise our readers not to rely on fake rumours about Riley Gaines' pregnancy and instead trust only authentic sources. We will update this page when the good news is announced.

The conclusion of the article is:

An American swimmer, Riley Gaines, will marry Louis Barker in May 2022. The couple married in a private ceremony and shared the news of their wedding on Instagram. Louis Barker, her husband, is the owner of LCB Pools. He is a project director at Chandler and Son.

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